Chairman Message

We congratulate you on having this prospectus in your hands

In view of our aims, objectives, the high quality and the standard of education par-excellence which the Arera Convent School promises to impart, I feel sure that you will permit us to adopt your child at the very start of his/her real schooling. We will givr all the fatherly and motherly care to the child for the fullest overall development of his/her personality.

We know that.....

Education is a life-long process. Your child began his/her education long before you decided that Arera Convent is a school "good-enough" for him/her. He/She is educated by all the forces,good and evil, that act on him/her from the time he/she was in the mother's womb. In fact no human being is competent enough to claim to be able to educate this great potential that we call a child. And we at Areraa Convent are no exception. People become what they ultimately become in spite of schools and teachers. What anyone(parents,teachers,school,friends...) can at best do to educate a chils is to provide him/her a constructive and healthy atmoshphere. Any school is good enough if it is able to challenge one's curiosity, make one restless with a strong ambition,fire one's imagination, make one reach out beyond the skies, (for today the sky is not the limit), and make one's spirit soar high. And we at Arera Convent School try just to avhieve this

Ours is a small school. And this "smallness" (in number) is to bring about a closeness - a happy and cordial family spirit among the students, the staff, the parents and the management which is unique to all Arera Convent School. And we wish to preserve this "closeness" and relationship at any cost. We seek your cooperation in this